We love you dear Dixie School
With your colors so bright and true,
For you ever stand for the right,
As we cheer for the red, white and blue.
Whenever we’re put to the test,
We’ll remember our spirits grand –
Instructing, persuading and guiding
Throughout our Dixie Land.

Hail! All hail to thee!
Oh, Dixie University!
We know your worth – the best on earth,
Only the best will do for you and me –
Rah! Rah!
Oh, may we never do
Aught that would bring
dishonor to thy name,
But may we be, e’er true to thee,
Adding honor and glory to thy fame.

Though far away we may be,
We’ll remember our Dixie School,
The spirit of our pioneers,
For they’re men of the great Golden Rule
Our “D” on the hillside so bold,
Cherished emblem to them all,
Rememb’ring and never forgetting,
We’ll answer to thy call.