Utah Tech University

Mission, Vision & Values


Utah Tech University is an open, inclusive, comprehensive, polytechnic university featuring active and applied learning to advance students’ knowledge and skills while fostering competent, resilient, lifelong learners to succeed in their careers and personal lives as creators, innovators, and responsible citizens.


Utah Tech University aspires to be a premier open, inclusive, comprehensive, polytechnic university distinguished through an ethos of innovation and entrepreneurship and the achievement of exceptional student learning and success.


  • Academic Distinction: Excellence as an open, inclusive, comprehensive, polytechnic university that distinguishes UT from other universities
  • Student Learning and Success: Achievement of learning outcomes and the attainment of an academic award or other educational goal, including holistic personal development
  • Equity and Inclusion: A safe, tolerant and welcoming community with diverse identities, ideas, and beliefs who collaborate and learn through open and civil discourse
  • Purposeful Discovery: Creative thinking and acting across boundaries to solve complex problems both individually and collaboratively
  • Collaborative Culture: An open culture grounded on principles of honesty, integrity, sharing, transparency, accountability, mutual respect, and freedom of inquiry
  • Public Service: Effective leadership of civic, educational, economic, and cultural entities and initiatives to transform communities
  • Local and Global Resources: Mutually beneficial partnerships that engage and integrate local and global resources into learning experiences, with a special emphasis on southern Utah
  • Innovation and Responsiveness: Responsive to local and regional needs and opportunities through institutional innovation and entrepreneurship